"there are those who create what we see. then there are those who create what we don't."


_disciplines: design. illustration. mechanical engineering. industrial design. fashion production & design. merchandising. marketing. curator. 


_headquarters: los angeles. california

_founder & creative director of CulpritResearchProject

_former senior designer at nike rm72 studio los angeles / nike entertainment marketing / influencer marketing / nike montalban theatre bespoke studio


_clients: nike. jordan. marvel. hasbro. audi. bmw. toyota. scion. I am other. converse. google. roadshow pictures. burton snowboards. optimistinc. vans. blends. mountain dew. l'oreal. mca records. nine inch nails. okplayer. the roots. tsp. jager di paola kemp (jdk). 24 entertainment. first international computers. chipxpress. ivp clothing. full armor clothing. global inheritance. keep a breast.


_galleries: thinkspace (la). spoke art (sf). hashimoto contemporary (sf). urban nation (berlin). gallery 1988 (la). parco museum of contemporary art (tokyo). stay gold (ny).111 minna (sf). lancaster museum of art and history (la). lothringer driezehn space for contemporary art (germany). massachussets  museum of contemporary art (boston). gankagarou (tokyo). hive (la). dva (chicago). sananda (la). new puppy (la). cannibal flower (la). project (la). crewest (la). project gallery (la). suru (la). distinction (la). double punch (sf). canvas gallery (sf). brand library & art center (la). vertical gallery (chi).


_art fairs: scope art basel miami (2016 / 2015 / 2014). aqua art basel miami (2014). la artshow (2014). pow wow hawaii (2016 / 2015). beyond eden (2012).


_solo shows: thinkspace gallery (la). 2014 / 2013 / 2008 / 2007 // hive gallery (la). 2012 / 2011 // double punch (sf). 2005 // academy of art university (sf). 2003


_training: bachelor of fine arts illustration + concept design // academy of arts university san francisco // 2003